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I am a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher. I have always had a passion for food, I love food and a great food pun! Orange you glad you discovered Plantable Palate?

When I was in high school, I started to lift weights and run because I was afraid to gain weight. I only ate foods low in fat. I rarely ate dessert because if I did, I knew I had to workout more. I don’t remember how or when the idea got in my head, it just appeared one day. 

It wasn’t until I started yoga in my twenties that I eased up on weight lifting and some of the running. I continue to run because I enjoy it, not because I have to. Yoga and meditation help me to constantly be in tune with myself.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I educated myself on the foods to eat for my growing baby. A light bulb went off, I decided to go back to school for nutrition. 


Learning the science behind food its' influence on the body, I had a wakeup call! I started to honor my body more through yoga and eating more of what I wanted, without feeling guilty. I came to appreciate and respect my body more.

My mission with Plantable Palate is to educate and help women understand the negative impact diets have on us. I want women to feel happy and comfortable in their skin. Together lets' set a foundation for a healthier way of living.  


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