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Hi, I'm

Marissa Perrotta

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Registered Yoga Teacher and I'm here to help YOU answer that famous question What's for Dinner?

I'm here to support you in the kitchen by getting healthy dinners for you and your family on the table in 30 minutes or less.


I'm a busy mom of 2, I have picky eaters and guess what? I only make 1 dinner. Who has time to be a short order cook?


I'm going to give you the tools to help you make planning weeknight dinners fast, easy and healthy while building your confidence in the kitchen!


Have  you tried to change your eating habits for the better trying different diet after diet and searching the internet for "healthy recipes" the family will enjoy only to burn out and feel like you've failed?

Plantable Palate Kitchen, provides you with a proven system to get nourishing meals on your table fast without breaking a sweat in the kitchen!

In just 4 weeks you'll have a repertoire of meals and snacks  you can count on to deliver big nutrition without the hassle. 

STOP wasting time and money on "diets" that don't work and take-out food that sabotages your health goals. 

Does this sound familiar...

  • I don't have time to cook

  • I don't know what to make 

  • I'm not confident in the kitchen

  • I'm a short-order cook every night, making multiple meals for my family

  • I'm frustrated with not having a plan

  • I feel guilty feeding my family lousy food

It doesn't have to be this way - there is a solution that won't cost a ton of dough. (food pun intended)

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Welcome to Plantable Palate Kitchen

Here's what you can expect from this $99 course...

  • Nutrition lessons to learn about health boosting foods

  • Cooking demos that illustrate specifically how to make delicious healthy dinners and snacks using kitchen and pantry essentials (no cooking skills required - just the basics here!)

  • Weekly food lists with corresponding meal plans that are 100% customizable to meet family preferences

  • Access to meal planning software to modify weekly meal plan, view nutritions facts, and print smart grocery lists

  • Resources to support you in feeling confident in the kitchen, so you can enjoy cooking and eating in! 

Why you should invite me into your kitchen...

  • I'm a busy mom of 2 and know first hand the struggles of feeding my family nourishing meals without the added stress and feeling of overwhelm

  • I'm a seasoned cook and work with my private clients on meal planning and cooking tips and techniques to make their lives easier for them to be successful with their personal health goals.

  • The nutrition information I provide is evidence based nutrition education and I'm a Registered Dietitian

  • I can help you achieve self-confidence in yourself and in the kitchen. 

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Suzanne G.

"Marissa taught me how to enjoy food again. She gave me the tools I need for  healthier lifestyle. I am much kinder to myself because of this. I am able to enjoy meal planning with my family and actually enjoy eating with them. "

Julie B.

Marissa reminded me the importance of taking care of myself. She gave me ideas and inspired me to eat healthy, exercise and form new life long habits. I feel so much better!

Pam S.

Marissa is a wonderful person and a super knowledgeable and helpful dietitian. She truly embodies a healthy lifestyle and is great to work with. 

  • It's 5pm and you're asking yourself "What's for dinner?"

  • You're doing take-out more than 3x per week

  • You're making several meals to accommodate picky eaters

  • You've tried unsustainable, restrictive diets, only to feel like you've failed (BTW, it's not your fault)

  • Not comfortable in the kitchen or never learned how to cook

  • You're concerned about your family's nutrition wellbeing

This course is for you if...

"I don't have time."

The Plantable Palate Plate saves you time! Imagine in just 4 weeks being the master of your kitchen, getting meals on the table with ease. Each week you'll complete a Plantable Palate Kitchen mini lesson, set culinary goals and start cooking with my support. The model will take less than one hour to complete and all recipes take 30 minutes or less. 

"My family is picky."

The recipes in Plantable Palate Kitchen are completely flexible. You'll have access to a customizable meal planning program where you can make changes to your weekly menu depending on your family's preferences. 

"I don't know how to cook."

Each week, you'll have a weekly live cooking class hosted by me and access to cooking demo videos that will support you, with learning basic cooking skills, increasing your success in the kitchen while reducing stress in the kitchen. 

"I don't like cooking."

Keeping it simple and leveraging store bought convenience items is key to limiting time in the kitchen. Plantable Palate Kitchen uses both of these strategies to make sure that dinner is on the table in less than 30 minutes. 

I hear you saying "Sounds great, but..."

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Are you ready to get simple and nourishing meals on the table without overwhelm and stress in the kitchen?


What is the Plantable Palate Kitchen?

Plantable Palate Kitchen is a blueprint for achieving your health goals with customize nutrition and culinary instruction for you and your family. 

How does it work?

Each week for 4 weeks you will get a dinner plan for the week ahead, recipes, shopping lists, mini food demos, culinary lessons, a nutrition lesson and a LIVE weekly cooking class on Tuesdays' at 5.  Can't make it on Tuesday, the recording will be available for you to watch at your convenience. Access to a Facebook group to share successes and questions that I will personally answer. 

How is it different from other courses?

Plantable Palate Kitchen has been developed by Registered Dietitians. You have access to me for questions and support. This course offers personalization for you and your family. By joining and following Plantable Palate Kitchen, you will change your nutrition behaviors, reduce your time in the kitchen allowing you some extra time to kick back and relax.

How much does it cost? What does it include?

The Plantable Palate Plate is only $99 for 1 month! 

It includes 4 weeks of "done for you" meal planning for dinner, shopping lists, recipes, cooking demos, a weekly nutrition lesson. Live weekly cooking class, Tuesday’s at 5pm EDT, and live Q&A Friday’s at 10am EDT.

You've scrolled down this far so I know you're serious about improving your health with nutrition. It Starts June 1st!