Look out it's the food police!
You keep the food police employed! It's time to send them into retirement so you can be free from anxiety and guilt surrounding food!

Should I eat the cheeseburger?

I must eat the kale salad!


Do you often make debates like this in your head? I'll discuss some tips and tricks to stop the debate! Eat more mindfully and intuitively without the diet mentality.

Who am I?


Full Disclosure... This one is about me, who I am and why I love doing what I do. I wanted to take this opportunity so you could get to know me more.

Got Stress?  Try This Easy Tip!


This easy stress relief tip is a bonus tip from my 5 Tips to Reduce Emotional Eating and Improve your Will Power. This stress relied tip will help you be more mindful and to eat intuitive. You will feel less stressed, positive and more in control when you are able to give yourself love.